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"This Swedish documentary is a snapshot that should stand the test of time."
Angus Taylor -

German interview:

French reviews:

Interview with Karl in English:

Printed magazines:
Riddim #39, Germany, Natty Dread #50, France, Uppsalatidningen 5ft June 08, Sweden. UNT 22nd Aug, Sweden.


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Musically Mad DVD includes:
- 1h documentary
- Subtitles in English, German, French and Spanish
- 1h Extra Material
- Steel Horns and bass bins in blighty a 16 page booklet about sound system culture in britain, written by David Katz

Interview in Natty Dread #50, France

Review in Riddim #39, Germany


MUSICALLY MAD takes you into the hearts and heads of the singers and soundmen, the backbone of the UK roots reggae sound systems. With them they bring the deepest bass and the highest chants, delivered by massive stacks of speakers and custom-built sound equipment. For some, attending a sound system dance is a religious experience, channelled through the music and the message. For others it`s the natural way to connect with the music they love. Either way, sound system culture is growing and changing.

From their humble beginnings in the backyards of Kingston, Jamaica, sound systems were brought along by Carribean immigrants, gradually gaining a strong following in the UK. As David Katz included extensive essay "Steel Horns And Bass Bins In Blighty" concludes, the dances were crucial in lifting the spirits of the Caibbean exiles, helping them to forget their hardships. Something that reggae and sound system culture now does worldwide, regardless of color or nationality.

MUSICALLY MAD is the story of the people pushing reggae to the masses.

Iration Steppas
I Natural
Dougie Conscious Sounds
Murray Man
Ironworks Dread
Ras Wazier
Terry Gad

Fatman Sound
Young Warrior
Joe Ariwa
Mad Professor
Levi Roots
Mark Mostec
Ras Muffet
Dj Stryda
King Shiloh
Russ Disciples
Reuben Addis
Afrikan Simba
Channel One

Live Sounds:
Aba Shanti I
Iration Steppas
Mighty Tabot
Channel One
King Earthquake
Entebbe Sound
Fairshare Unity