Musically Mad DVD Trailer
Musically Mad Trailer

Young Warrior & Joe Ariwa in Ariwa studio

Pre amp builder Mark Mostec

Message Music clip with Mikey Dread, Russ Disciples & Terry Gad

World wide thing



Musically Mad!
On the sound systems is where it all began and some say that it is still the defender of roots reggae music, without it, roots reggae and dub would slowly fade away. If thats true or not I dont know or even want to find out. This is a soundman story about the people on the frontline , pushing roots music to the masses for very small wages or sometimes no wages at all only for the love of the music. You could say that they are mad....yeah...musically mad.

Iration Steppas
I Natural
Dougie Conscious Sounds
Murray Man
Ironworks Dread
Was Wazier
Terry Gad
Ras Muffet
Dj Stryda
King Shiloh
Russ Disciples
Ruben Addis
Afrikan Simba
Channel One
Young Warrior
Joe Ariwa
Mad Professor
Levi Roots
Mark Mostec

    Live sounds:
Aba Shanti I
Iration Steppas
Mighty Tabbot
Channel One
King Earthquake
Fairshare Unity